Why should I become a union contractor
with IBEW Local 270?
hree Reasons to become a union contractor:

Imagine the chance to stop turning away work.  Full access to IBEW Journeyman
and Apprentices.  The opportunity to partner with an organization that wants your
business to succeed!
What can the IBEW possibly offer my business?
Local 270's Business Development Department has the tools for success.  With
access to various new project reporting services, estimator training, and software
you can keep up with the pulse of our industry.
Plus on Demand Skilled Manpower with only 24 hours notice.
On Demand Manpower with 24 hour Notice?
That's right....24 hours notice and you could be hiring a qualified electrician.  
Without the rising cost of advertising and headache of interviewing and
inaccurate skill assessment.
How much does it cost?
There are NO COST involved with being an IBEW contractor.  There are
also NO OBLIGATIONS an our promise of a smooth transition process.  
What about my current employees?
The IBEW has classifications for all skill levels and offers training
opportunities to all of its members.  Training is the key to our success.  
Quality is # 1.
OK, so what's the catch?
THERE IS NO CATCH....Local 270 is committed to excellence in all of
our partnerships and we can help your business reach it's FULL
If you're prepared today to seize the opportunities of tomorrow for your
business please contact our Business Development Representative,

David Garcia by phone (865) 483-1354