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IBEW 270 Benefits

Health Insurance

Inside Construction Insurance:

NECA/IBEW Family Medical Care Plan

Address:  410 Chickamagua Avenue, Suite 301

                  Rossville, GA 30741

Phone:     1-877-937-9602

Fax:         1-706-841-7020

Outside Construction Insurance:

Line Construction Benefit Fund

Address:  822 Parkview Blvd.

                  Lombard, IL 60148

Phone:  1-800-323-7268


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers:

Address:  900 Seventh Street, N.W.

                  Washington, DC 20001

Phone:     202-833-7000

Fax:         202-728-7676

Pension is $4.50 per year, vested after 20 years.  Death benefit is $6,200 for active members and retired members is $3,000.

National Electrical Benefit Fund:

Address:   2400 Research Blvd, Suite 500

                  Rockville, MD 20850

Phone:     301-556-4300

Fax:         301-556-0100

Pension Benefit is $32.00 per year for each service year.  (Contribution is paid by employer)

Southern Electrical Retirement Fund: 

Address:  3928 Volunteer Drive

                  Chattanooga, TN 37416

Phone:     423-899-2593

Contributions are made by the employer based on hours worked.

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