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Uranium Processing Facility (UPF) Project 

Helpful info & tips for those coming to work from outside our area

What is the UPF project? Is it a Nuke?

No, it is NOT a "nuke". The Y-12 National Security Complex is a United States Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration facility located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, near the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. It was built as part of the Manhattan Project for the purpose of enriching uranium for the first atomic bombs.  The National Nuclear Security Administration is constructing a modern Uranium Processing Facility (UPF) to support key missions of the Y-12 National Security Complex and ensure the long-term viability, safety and security of enriched uranium capabilities in the United States. UPF will provide new floor space and consist of processing capabilities for enriched uranium casting, oxide production, and salvage and accountability operations to support the Nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile, defense nuclear nonproliferation, and naval reactors.
For more information about Y-12 and the UPF project please click the link below:


Why are there so many hoops to jump through to be hired and why is my birth certificate so important.  

The UPF, as explained above, is a nuclear weapons facility and National Security is involved in every aspect of the job.  This is why you must be a US citizen to access the facility.  Identinty and National Security are their main focus. This is why you will be turned away at hire in without the correct documents.

If you would like more information to see if you have the correct documents please click below:

Where should I stay in Oak Ridge?


Oak Ridge is a great town to stay in, but there are several towns surrounding us that are great too: Kingston, Clinton, Lenoir City, Oliver Springs, West Knoxville are all great options and within a 20–40-minute drive to the project.


We always recommend to not commit to anything long term until you make it through your hire in week.  Once on site you can get better leads on housing from the JW's already working on the project.  


Hotels:  Feel free to mention you will be going to work at Y-12 on the UPF site. A lot of places are giving discounts to anyone with a DOE badge.  We have compiled a list of relatively close hotels, but we currently have no special rates with hotel: 





Campgrounds -  Usually are at max capacity, but please take the time to call around and maybe have them put you on a waiting list.  We have compiled a list of campgrounds below:


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